Peter in Flight by Paul Michel Peters

Publication Date: May 3, 2013


Peter in Flight by Paul Michel PetersIn Peter in Flight by Paul Michel Peters, Peter lives a life on the road. He doesn’t own a home or a car. Instead, he travels from state to state to present software to potential customers. Peter leads a rich internal life, including a one-sided romance. This story is a humorous observation of the life of a loner on the road.




The author, Paul Michael Peters, gave me a copy of this novella in exchange for my review.

Peter in Flight is a charming novella. On the surface, the semi-autobiographical story of a modern-day traveling salesman wouldn’t seem that interesting. Peter is written as an exceptionally likable character in the style of the classic English comedy characters. He’s a go-with-the-flow and always-on kind of guy. Bertie Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse) isn’t action-packed, but he’s a nice guy that you want to do well and Peter shares that quality. Early on in the novella, he helps a fellow passenger who is of limited mobility, secure his pants after he uses the washroom. He sees the plane as a village where everyone has a responsibility to help. How can you not like a guy like that?

Add to the equation a mostly imagined romance with his boss. He admits in the interview that he heard little of what she said, as he fantasized. For a man with no ties, she’s safe. His boss has a husband, children and a life. He really romanticizes their relationship in a way that was not delusional but made this reader just like him more.

The story is about the main character on the road; it is well written and has a semi-autobiographical approach. The novella mentions 9/11 and the impact of the tragedy on industries involving copious air travel. HadPeter in Flight been longer, it would not have maintained the light and fun factor. There is a good deal of repetition in the story, but then, there’s a good deal of repetition in the job. At 134 pages, Peter in Flight is a fast read and is a perfect vacation read in the car or train.

I highly recommend Peter in Flight for fans of novels of the human experience.

Paul Micheal Peters is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and studied at Second City in Chicago. Peter in Flight is his first novel.

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