I of the Storm: Death is Watching by Neesha Hosein

Publication Date: September 1, 2012


I of the Storm: Death is Watching by Neesha HoseinIn I of the Storm: Death is Watching by Neesha Hosein, Kira was struck by lightning as a child giving her a sort of second sight. Kira has spent her life feeling hunted by death. Can she learn to use her ability to her advantage before its too late?





The author, Neesha Hosein, gave me a copy of this novella in exchange for my review.

There was a season in the television show “Ghost Whisperer” when the show’s writers employed a brilliantly intense story line in which this nebulous dark force was stealing spirits. The main character didn’t know where they were or what happened to them but there was knowledge of evil. I felt the same way reading I of the Storm: Death is Watching as I did watching that season.

Not that the evil in Hosein’s story is nebulous. I of the Storm: Death is Watching is an open-wound emotional piece. Kira as an adult enters into an abusive relationship from which she can’t seem to escape. In many ways, she mimics the stereotype of a weak woman trapped in a bad situation. Hosein breaks that stereotype by investing her character with a spirit and strength that shines as the story progresses. She’s the character that with every new bad that happens the reader isn’t sure they can take much more.

Giving a character second sight and placing her in such a bad situation with an abusive husband and pregnancy could have gone to a place that would have been very hard to believe. Hosein’s minimalistic approach leaves the reader with as plausible a situation as paranormal gets. Visions aren’t everything and Kira is unsure of what she sees.

I’ve got to tell you, Readers, this is not a novella for everyone. I of the Storm: Death is Watching is a deeply intense story enhanced by expert writing. Your reviewer is a person who tends not to read or watch things designed to rip at emotions and make the reader cry for the character while our souls scream for a better outcome. This was a beautiful, poignant and horrifying book and one that you should read but that I will never read again. I knew it was coming but didn’t expect the novella to be so draining. Perhaps that is the highest compliment a reviewer can give an author.

If you like deeply emotional reads, I of the Storm: Death is Watching is your perfect read. If the I of the Storm by Neesha Hosein sounds like a book for you, read an excerpt and pick it up on:

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About Neesha Hosein
Neesha Hosein is a native of Trinidad and Tobago and currently lives in Houston, Texas. She is a writer by profession and I of the Storm: Death is Watching is her first novella. For more information about her and her work visit her bookblog and blog. You can connect with Neesha Hosein on Goodreads, Facebook, PinterestGoogle+ and on Twitter @Neesha101.

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