Innocence Lost by J.D. Selmser

Publication Date: November 5, 2013


Innocence Lost by J.D. SelmserIn Innocence Lost by J.D. Selmser, Milan and Natinha are living a charmed romance when Milan’s life is stolen by Zahir. In an eternal battle of love transcending death Milan refuses to give up so easily. Will anyone live happily ever after?





Selmser calls Innocence Lost (Volume 1) a dark romance. It is an esoteric piece about unknown evils that can destroy and claim lives and appears to advocate the idea of love in the trenches. Love as the greatest battle. We know from the start of this quite surreal short story that the real struggle is between Zahir and Milan with Natinha as the prize, but she’s not willing to fall that easily. Milan may look the same, but something is up. Selmser uses what feels like a purposeful chaos to telegraph the emotional state of the characters to the reader. Innocence Lost (Volume 1) is what I think of as high concept fiction. A story told in emotion rather than one acted by the characters. A story molded with broad artistic strokes.

Does this mean that Tammy Dewhirst liked Innocence Lost (Volume 1)?

No. This was quite a difficult review to write. I found the story pretentious at times and the emotions overly drawn. The story is a battle of souls and as a reader, I got lost a lot. I could appreciate what the author was doing in writing this story, and I can appreciate that there are those readers who will comprehend the greatness, but I am not one of those readers. I never connected with Milan, Zahir or Natinha and the high emotion, drama and power of love message from the beginning had me putting the story down and looking for something else to do. Is it my age? My reading preferences? I’m not sure, but my 16-year-old niece would probably devour and love Innocence Lost (Volume 1). She is very much into the higher power type of storylines. J.D. Selmser is a true romantic who will go to great lengths for love.

If you like all-or-nothing plots that are about losing the whole world and gaining one’s soul or not, you will like Innocence Lost (Volume 1) then read an excerpt and buy Innocence Lost by J.D. Selmser on

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