Gabe’s Plan by Andrew Stock

Publication Date: October 16, 2012


Gabe’s Plan by Andrew StockIn Gabe’s Plan by Andrew Stock, Gabe Mapel is a small town D.A. when hometown boy and big shot movie star, Chad Tibbs, rolls back into Pine Springs, Colorado. Chad is attracted to Kalia, the local barista, but she has eyes for Gabe. Out of jealousy, Chad bullies Gabe little knowing that he’s picking on the wrong man. Gabe and Kalia develop a plan to make Chad pay though Kalia doesn’t know about their third co-conspirator — the sixteenth President of the United States. A figment of Gabe’s troubled imagination, he is very convincing when it comes to making Gabe do those little things he may not have done before. Will Gabe change his mind before it’s too late? Will they get away with their plan to ruin Chad’s life? The world will be watching.



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