Business as Usual by E.L. Lindley

Publication Date: October 9, 2011


EL_Business_As_UsualDocumentary filmmaker, Georgie Connelly, has been getting death threats since an expose about a white supremacist group that sent some of its members in jail. To complicate matters, Georgie is forced to revisit her teaching past and serve community service at a high school after a charge of drinking and driving. Georgie is on the brink of madness and the start of a new project about strip clubs when James Finn enters her life. The handsome, strapping, ex-Marine is just out of the military and hesitant to take on his new babysitting assignment. When one of Georgie’s students goes missing James and Georgie investigate, pulling them into a world they never wanted to know. Can they stay alive long enough to find out what happened to the young girl?



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