Sisters in Love (Love in Bloom Book One) by Melissa Foster

Publication Date: September 1, 2013


MF_Sisters_in_LoveDanica Snow has little time in her life for love. She’s a busy therapist involved in charity and the lives of her sisters — both biological and assigned. When she meets the player Blake, their chemistry burns, but can Danica leave her common-sense-self behind and dive into something just for her Sisters In Love (Snow Sisters, Book One: Love in Bloom Series) (Volume 1) is the first novel in a planned trilogy starring the Snow Sisters.



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Have No Shame by Melissa Foster

Publication Date: May 6, 2013


MF_Have_no_shameAllison Tillman finds the body of a black man while out for a walk. Even for the late 60s, Forrest Town, Arkansas is behind the times when it comes to the Civil Rights Movement and Allison knows that his death happened at the hands of white men from her town. Finding the body changes her life and causes her to look at people and events around her in a new way. She can no longer live with the way blacks are treated as lesser, disposable beings. Allison’s difficulty is that she’s engaged to a man who makes a sport out of beating people simply based on the color of their skin. Her much beloved Daddy, who she’d never want to disappoint, tells her to know her place. Her sister didn’t know her place and was sent to New York. Will Allison keep her feelings inside as her mother has or will she speak out like her sister, Maggie? Will she marry Jimmy Lee and what about Jackson Johns, the young black officer who fills in for his brother on the Tillman farm to whom she feels an undeniable attraction?


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