Olivia Mourning (Olivia Series Book 1) by Yael Politis

Publication Date: November 27, 2013


YP_Oliva_MourningIt’s 1841 and Olivia Killion’s father is dead. In the tradition of the day, Olivia’s father leaves his modest fortune to his oldest son, leaving Olivia and her brother his Pennsylvania home and store at the mercy of their oldest sibling and with his controlling intended. Olivia has no intention of living under the thumb of her brother’s wife until they’re able to off-load her to the first man that shows interest. Olivia has a plan. In her father’s will is a plot of land in Michigan that will be given to whoever travels there and tries to plant crops. Mourning Free, the son of escaped slaves, is integral to her plan. Olivia knows that she can’t possibly pull this off alone, but can she convince Mourning, a man who feels safest where he is, to take the risk and come with her?


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