Love Bite and Bitten by Regret by Kay Glass

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Publication Date: February 29, 2012

KG_Love_BiteIn Love Bite (Just One Bite), Diandra’s husband, Jonah, is killed the day she discovers that she’s pregnant. Diandra befriends the homeless ex-cop, Lizabeth, and takes her in and helps her get on her feet. Turns out that Jonah isn’t as dead as thought, but a vampire who comes back to the house and, in a fit of rage, turns Diandra. What will this mean for the unborn baby and Diandra and Lizabeth’s budding relationship?


Publication Date: April 17, 2012

KG_Bitten_By_RegretIn Bitten By Regret (Just One Bite), Jonah turns to Diandra for help. A mist is following him and it’s terrifying. Can Diandra discover, with the help of her vampire mentor, Eamon, the reason for the mist and help to save Jonah … and does she want to help?



I’m not a big fan of vampires. This is going to sound crazy for someone who just read and reviewed a work featuring vampires but they’re really not normally what I would choose to read. I got the second book first and free through an Amazon promotion and read it. The installments in the “Just One Bite” series are short enough as to not wear on the reader but long enough as to develop the storyline and characters.

I think we all know that I cut a little slack when I don’t like a work, especially when it’s the first in a series. In this case, I have to say the second installment is the stronger work. Read together, I think this is a good story of love, loss and a little mystery thrown in just for fun. To add to the excitement, what happens when a person is pregnant and is turned into a vampire before the baby is born? I think the answer to that introduces one of the more delightful characters of the two books.

I do have a complaint about the first novel in that too much was made of Diandra’s size. We get it, she’s overweight. Her size was mentioned over and over again. I get why it was mentioned as she dropped 40 lbs when she turned into a vampire (where do I sign up for that weight loss program? Eternal life AND weight loss?) but it really felt like Glass wasn’t sure we would remember when the weight loss happened.

In a lot of romance stories you have that air rushing out of the lungs when they meet and instant attraction where you close the book and say, “Yeah, that’s not gonna last.” In the case of Diandra and Lizabeth, we have a believable relationship. No one is perfect and they build friendship and lead to love. The connection was well written and presented in a way that the reader could buy.

There are graphic sexual scenes. If you cannot see yourself reading lesbian sex, this series is likely not for you. There is a fair amount of sex in the first novel — though there’s a lot going on overall so, really, if a reader is adverse to the coupling, it’s something that could be skipped over with little lost from the story.

As I said early in this review, I enjoyed the second book a lot more. I loved the idea of the mist chasing Jonah and neither he or Diandra knowing why. I liked the jealousy Jonah had for Lizabeth who he sees as having taken his job, his woman and his baby. Often I find these sorts of rivalries over the top, but I believe that Ms. Glass was able to convey the scene in a believable way that did not go over the top.

What I respected most about these two reads was Ms. Glass’s economy of words. I think had these storylines been extended, this would have been a very different review. This series will go on and I will read on. Check out the books and see if you agree.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful and honest review(s)! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them, and I always appreciate constructive feedback on a story so I know what works and what doesn’t- both to remember for future stories, and to make edits to existing works. I greatly appreciate your words, and will remember them as well. And P.S. All the Kendra Glenn stories have been pulled from Amazon to be repolished and republished as Kay Glass stories as well. Have a lovely day! ~Kay

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