Demon of Envy (Gods of Love Book 5) by Jennifer Lynn

Publication Date: May 22, 2014


JL_Deoman_Of_EnvyOlivia is a woman who was traumatized by a former lover. Phthonos enters her dreams and makes all her sexual fantasies come true, but when the reality comes knocking at her door fully aware of the shared dream history, what’s a girl to do? Phthonos, son of Aphrodite, has also been running from his own destructive past. Is Thon the god of envy or the demon of envy? With Thon’s jealousy ruin what might have been?


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Master for Tonight by Elaine Barris










Publication Date: October 10, 2013

EB_Masters_of_TonightVampire Julian Montfort spots Kate Collins when he’s out feeding one night. He becomes entranced with her, but his life is complicated with his obsessive maker, Evangeline. Julian who settles on the idea that one night will have to be enough is determined to make his night with Kate one to remember. When he realizes that one night will never be enough, how will Julian manage his complicated situation and will Kate want him when she knows the truth?


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The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust and Fate by Alex Hathaway

Publication Date: October 10, 2013


AH_The_Education_of_a_CuckoldJason learns at an early age that he is too poorly endowed to satisfy the sort of women he’d like to be with sexually. He also learns that he is a person who gains sexual excitement from voyeurism and humiliation. When he meets Kristin she sets out to teach him to use what he has to get what he wants. Will Kristin succeed in teaching Jason how to get what he wants or is he doomed to spend his life sexually frustrated?



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Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn

Publication Date: December 12, 2013









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On Earth in the distant future, Epic and his brothers, Shade and Toy, have had a tough road since the death of their parents. Left to raise their six siblings, the brother set on a plan of robbing strip clubs to finance the ultimate heist. They’ll rob a strip club on the planet Trinity where the high rollers go to experience the robots and sex slaves. On their last heist before the big one, they encounter Phoenix, a stripper who sees her own way out by robbing those robbing the club. She’ll have enough money to go to a luxury planet and land a Sugar Daddy. When Nix and Epic clash, sparks fly. Can they come together to pull off the heist that will save them all?


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Arranged by Arlene Valle

With apologies to the author for taking so long to review this novel. It literally slipped through the cracks (no pun intended).

Publication Date: January 31, 2013


Arranged by Arlene ValleIn Arranged by Arlene Valle, Samantha Beck is a woman with needs. Her boyfriend, billionaire Reid Harris, understands her needs and is willing to indulge the despite the fact that they involve other men. Reid arranges a weekend for Samantha with a handsome younger man, Max Wolfe. Normally, Reid facilitates liaisons with men that Samantha will never see again but Max, to whom she’s inexplicably drawn, plays heavily into future dealings that Reid has on Margarita Island. Can the pair honor the spirit of Reid’s arrangement and keep their hands off of each other and what of the dead body found in the fishing net?


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The Christmas Exhibition (Matt & Jill Prequels Book 1) by V.T. Vaughn

Publication Date: November 27, 2012


V.T. Vaughn The Christmas ExhibitionJill and Matt have been dating a little shy of a year when Jill comes home from a holiday work party drunk. She was a bit of an exhibitionist at the party and the boss’s son insulted her. She got a peek at his penis and becomes obsessed with desire for him and the idea of humiliating him. Will telling Matt ruin what she has with him or take their relationship to a new level?


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Iniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love by Penelope Jones and Max

Publication Date: January 30, 2013


PJ_Iniquitou_SolaceIniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love is a story told through alternating poetry by two authors. They meet, they’re attracted to each other, they’re unsure of how far is too far. A rhyming love story.





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Ishtar Rising by Natalie Gibson

Publication Date: May 12, 2012


NG_Ishtar_RisingTara Kay betrayed the Daughter of Women in the previous Sinnis novel and returns to her hometown. Tara’s choices once home, aren’t the most constructive and she finds herself running from her boyfriend and the men to whom he’s “given his property”. High on a cocktail of drugs, when the tree she sees as her safety net comes alive, she thinks it’s all a side effect until he’s still there the next day. In the distance, an evil lurks. Can she and her Sinnis get out of this alive? [easyazon-link asin=”B0082UISCW” locale=”us”]Ishtar Rising, Paranormal Erotic Romance / Urban Fantasy (Book 4 of Sinnis)[/easyazon-link] is the fourth book in the Sinnis series.


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Love Bite and Bitten by Regret by Kay Glass

This review contains spoilers!


Publication Date: February 29, 2012

KG_Love_BiteIn Love Bite (Just One Bite), Diandra’s husband, Jonah, is killed the day she discovers that she’s pregnant. Diandra befriends the homeless ex-cop, Lizabeth, and takes her in and helps her get on her feet. Turns out that Jonah isn’t as dead as thought, but a vampire who comes back to the house and, in a fit of rage, turns Diandra. What will this mean for the unborn baby and Diandra and Lizabeth’s budding relationship?


Publication Date: April 17, 2012

KG_Bitten_By_RegretIn Bitten By Regret (Just One Bite), Jonah turns to Diandra for help. A mist is following him and it’s terrifying. Can Diandra discover, with the help of her vampire mentor, Eamon, the reason for the mist and help to save Jonah … and does she want to help?



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Ishtar Anomaly by Natalie Gibson

Publication Date: May 6, 2012


NG_Ishtar_AnomalyCamilla is the kind of healer who removes abnormalities from people’s bodies. If you’re pregnant, she will instantly kill your offspring because her power cannot tell the difference between a wanted pregnancy and an abnormality. The problem with this is that Camilla really wants a baby of her own and the deep longing comes from having unwittingly killed all of the pregnancies her mother had after she was born. Nanae is a god-like healer who can block Camilla’s power and he’s very willing to do so because being with her 24 hours a day is exactly what he wants to do. Camilla is his soul mate. Israel, a D.J. seen in the first book of the series, gets Camilla pregnant but once the job is done he doesn’t want to go. He’s in love with both Camilla and Nanae. Will they have room for him in their lives and what about this brotherhood that’s trying to get Nanae’s blood—and even worse, what about the hunger beast that Nanae himself struggles to control. Will anyone come out of this alive?


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