The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane Dougherty

I’m cross-posting this review from Rabid Readers Too because I believe it’s more of an adult novel than a YA novel.

Publication Date: October 3, 2013


The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane DoughertyIn The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane Dougherty, Deborah Givenchild, was taken from her parents when her mother fled and given to a family without a daughter. She has been reviled but has grown up not to cave as her gender is supposed to do but to fight back. At the age of fifteen, she’s about to be married off to the man of the elder’s choice. He’s a purposeful brute meant to put her in her place and Deborah simply isn’t going along with the plan. When she’s taken to the House of Corrections she meets Zachariah, a boy with dreams. He wants to be an engineer, but the career path is at the whim of the elders, and he knows that things simply aren’t right. Can Deborah escape her fate and find her mother, the one woman who knows what Earth was like before everyone lived his or her bleakly planned lives in a dome?


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Three of a Kind by Diana X. Dunn

Publication Date: November 9, 2013


Three of a Kind by Diana X. DunnIn Three of a Kind by Diana X. Dunn, F6 is on a mission in London when she’s called home and transformed into Helen Black. Morris Munroe, a prisoner, has escaped and it looks like he had help from F6’s elusive stalker, Rex. With the help of former beau and New York homicide cop, Blake Bowman, Helen must follow Monroe’s clues and race across the country evading disaster. Can she catch up and face off with her tormentor? Three of a Kind is the third novel is the F6 series.




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Life First (Volume 1) by R.J. Crayton

Publication Date: July 26, 2013


Life First (Volume 1) by R.J. CraytonIn Life First (Volume 1) by R.J. Crayton, in the future, 80 percent of the world’s population will be wiped out and people will be forced to give healthy organs to maintain those that remain. Kelsey Reed has been ordered to give her kidney to a man that is her match. To refuse the donation means facing the death penalty. Is it possible to escape in a society where everyone knows where you are at all times? With the help of her boyfriend, Kelsey means to find out. Life First (Volume 1) is in the new adult genre of fiction. New adult takes the optimum character age from late twenties to early thirties and shifts it to late teen and early twenties.


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Escape from Zulaire (A Sectors SF Romance) by Veronica Scott

Publication Date: August 23, 2013


Andi Markiss, an agent of Loxton—an elite exporter—agrees to fill in for a bridesmaid at the handfasting of the Leader of the Obati’s daughter (one of the three clans on the planet Zulaire), she has no idea that the planet is on the verge of a vicious war. When Captain Tom Deverane arrives to take her off-planet at the behest of a mystery benefactor, Andi doesn’t believe the threat is as big as he’s making it out to be. Andi quickly discovers how wrong she can be. With Tom’s remaining soldiers, the young daughter and toddler son of the Leader of the Obati, can they evade the insurgents and find their way to safety?


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Codename: Winterborn (The Last Survivors Book 1) by Declan Finn and Allan Yoskowitz

Publication Date: February 28, 2013


DF_Codename_WinterbornIn the wake of the April Fool’s War of 2090, a war caused by the accidental launch of a nuclear weapon, much of the world is in ruins. Lt. Kevin Anderson and his team are dispatched to the Islamic Republic of France to find their stores of nuclear weapons. As things will, the mission goes off the rails and Kevin is forced to improvise to stay alive.




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Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn

Publication Date: December 12, 2013









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On Earth in the distant future, Epic and his brothers, Shade and Toy, have had a tough road since the death of their parents. Left to raise their six siblings, the brother set on a plan of robbing strip clubs to finance the ultimate heist. They’ll rob a strip club on the planet Trinity where the high rollers go to experience the robots and sex slaves. On their last heist before the big one, they encounter Phoenix, a stripper who sees her own way out by robbing those robbing the club. She’ll have enough money to go to a luxury planet and land a Sugar Daddy. When Nix and Epic clash, sparks fly. Can they come together to pull off the heist that will save them all?


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Creator Class by K.M. Breakey

Publication Date: October 15, 2012


Creator Class by K.M. BreakeyIn Creator Class by K.M. Breakey, it’s 2084 and the area formerly known as Vancouver is now known as Area 87. The people live happily following the laws of Earthism and those who don’t simply disappear. Shawn Lowe, an 18-year-old “P-Classer” knows that there’s more to his universe than what he can see, and his beloved Nana, who lived through the Great Transformation, confirms his suspicions. Shawn unknowingly has connections in very high places and he’s about to discover more than he ever wanted to know but will the price he pays for the knowledge be too high?


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