The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane Dougherty

I’m cross-posting this review from Rabid Readers Too because I believe it’s more of an adult novel than a YA novel.

Publication Date: October 3, 2013


The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane DoughertyIn The Dark Citadel (Green Woman) by Jane Dougherty, Deborah Givenchild, was taken from her parents when her mother fled and given to a family without a daughter. She has been reviled but has grown up not to cave as her gender is supposed to do but to fight back. At the age of fifteen, she’s about to be married off to the man of the elder’s choice. He’s a purposeful brute meant to put her in her place and Deborah simply isn’t going along with the plan. When she’s taken to the House of Corrections she meets Zachariah, a boy with dreams. He wants to be an engineer, but the career path is at the whim of the elders, and he knows that things simply aren’t right. Can Deborah escape her fate and find her mother, the one woman who knows what Earth was like before everyone lived his or her bleakly planned lives in a dome?


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