Three of a Kind by Diana X. Dunn

Publication Date: November 9, 2013


Three of a Kind by Diana X. DunnIn Three of a Kind by Diana X. Dunn, F6 is on a mission in London when she’s called home and transformed into Helen Black. Morris Munroe, a prisoner, has escaped and it looks like he had help from F6’s elusive stalker, Rex. With the help of former beau and New York homicide cop, Blake Bowman, Helen must follow Monroe’s clues and race across the country evading disaster. Can she catch up and face off with her tormentor? Three of a Kind is the third novel is the F6 series.




The author, Diana X. Dunn, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

I will admit when the course of this novel became evident I rolled my eyes and groaned a bit. Such a personally involved story line and three books in? Rex and Munroe are targeting F6 specifically and that would have to get old over the course of 168 pages, right? Not so. Dunn’s unique spin and seemingly true goal of the story makes Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel) a contender for my favorite of the series (after reflection, I’ve got to stay true to my fictional boyfriend and leave the second novel as the one I like best. Read my review here).

Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel) is a key addition to the F6 series. In my mind, this book will now be known as the novel in which we get the back story on F6. Forced to have a backup in chasing down Munroe and Rex, Helen chooses the one man she feels she can trust. In their long car rides between locations and possible areas of devastation, she gives Blake her history. She tells him about past identities, her late best friend F7, of the fun she and F7 had finally to live their lives as freely as they ever would be able to live their lives. F6 has always been entertaining and while she is somewhat less active in this novel than the others, she gains a depth that enhances previous and future novels with knowledge.

To be honest, I’ve always thought that Alex was something of a Mary Sue in the series. He’s always been a little too good and I’ve wondered if Dunn would stick with him or if he would be a stop on the road to self-realization. In Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel), Helen doesn’t know if Alex will still be in the picture when she heads home and her chemistry with Blake still runs strong. This is not a sex-on-the-road romp but there are tension and affection and maybe some emotional exchanges that will send Blake shippers squealing with delight. In true Diana X. Dunn style, she leaves us with a big question mark at the end of this novel, not only regarding Helen’s relationship status but where the character will go next. I am delighted with the possibilities and I think stalwart fans and new fans alike will love the ongoing story line potential at the end of Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel).

Dunn gives us the genius moment in Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel) by presenting Munroe in sporadic first-person scenes. We know he really wants out of jail and isn’t considering the price he’d have to pay to the person helping him. He’s not a violent criminal, just a dumb one. As the scenes progress, Munroe’s relationship with the mystery helper evolves in a way that just makes the skin crawl wondering what Munroe will do when faced with inevitable decisions.

The F6 series is slightly futuristic and definitely out of the box and a series that I absolutely love. Dunn is inventive and plots well. There are moments that could be written more smoothly (the explanation of why they were taking Blake’s transport springs to mind), but overall those moments are few and far between. Dunn gives us a well-thought-out series sure to satisfy any fan of J.D. Robb. I’m a big fan of this author and series and highly recommend the novels for mystery readers.

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