The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust and Fate by Alex Hathaway

Publication Date: October 10, 2013


AH_The_Education_of_a_CuckoldJason learns at an early age that he is too poorly endowed to satisfy the sort of women he’d like to be with sexually. He also learns that he is a person who gains sexual excitement from voyeurism and humiliation. When he meets Kristin she sets out to teach him to use what he has to get what he wants. Will Kristin succeed in teaching Jason how to get what he wants or is he doomed to spend his life sexually frustrated?



I was given this novel in exchange for my review.


There has been something of a War on Erotica of late. Amazon is looking to eliminate titles that involve sketchy and illegal acts and in so doing some authors and readers are raising the flag of censorship while others fight against it. The argument is that erotica is out there and any child could download those age-inappropriate books! From my time working in library security I know that there are things out there that children will find if they’re trying hard enough. I have observed 10 and 12-year-olds viewing pictures involving hardcore sexual acts on the Internet. When is the onus to monitor content on the parents? If you don’t like a book containing copious amounts of sex, don’t read it. There’s a lot of bad out there and we want to shield our children from all of it but eliminating everything that a person couldn’t see themselves enjoying it not the way to go about protecting our children.

In [easyazon-link asin=”1603815449″ locale=”us”]The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate[/easyazon-link], Jason and all other characters are of consenting age and rather eager to participate in the sexual acts portrayed. Jason is a strapping and muscular guy with a tiny penis who likes his porn live. Kristin is a very adventurous woman who comes off as a bit of a sadist, but one who believes that she’s truly helping Jason come to grips (so to speak) with his tiny endowment. As with any erotica novel, [easyazon-link asin=”1603815449″ locale=”us”]The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate[/easyazon-link] contains a lot of very graphic sex very little of which is between the protagonist and his fellow characters. Jason is someone who enjoys watching and has a fascination with large penises.

While the story is very much about sex and the copious having of it, it’s also the story of Jason’s life. At the start of the story, he’s been hoping for a relationship with the beautiful Beth. He’s been caring and supportive and doesn’t push her for any sort of physical connection. Jason, for his obsession with sex and having orgasms (he ponders at one point in the novel if he’s an addict as he always seems to be chasing the next orgasm) is something of a romantic. Hathaway cleverly develops Jason in a way that gives him depth. He’s a bit of a jock but also something of a cautious optimist. The sex that he views is deeply personal for him as it shows his inadequacy (via the large penis of the other participate and the satisfaction of the players) and he’s ashamed and yet turned on by that inadequacy. Hathaway avoids making this late teen and young college student some Beavis and Butthead clone looking to see naked breasts. Jason wants a meaningful and satisfying connection with a woman despairing of ever making that connection because he wouldn’t be able to satisfy her sexually.

The author seems to paint this particular fetish as taboo and kinky but to quote Frank DeCaro (who was talking about cross-dressing) “It seems to me it’s not that kinky. It’s like the entrance ramp to Kinkyland.” To my mind, Jason likes watching live porn. He knows the participants and they can see him as he illustrates how much he likes what they’re doing but while it’s not something that I would do, it doesn’t seem to me to be that alternative a fetish. These aren’t women or men he’s dating having sex with other people. They’re exhibiting exhibitionism and he voyeurism. I hear much contempt from erotica readers for the “vanilla” (and some in this novel) but, really, Jason’s fetish is somewhat vanilla in what he could be doing. That said, Jason is married in the next novel which might add an extra layer of kinky to the mix.

[easyazon-link asin=”1603815449″ locale=”us”]The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate[/easyazon-link] is the first book in a series and sets the reader up to understand Jason and not only what Jason wants sexually, but what he wants within the scheme of his life plan. There’s something of a surprise ending that takes the next book from an interesting possibility to a must read. If you’re not usually an erotica reader but don’t mind sex as a driving force in your story line, check out [easyazon-link asin=”1603815449″ locale=”us”]The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate[/easyazon-link]. You don’t have identify with the acts in the story line to appreciate this well-written novel about a boy and his quest to find sexual and personal satisfaction.

Alex Hathaway is fascinated by sexual taboo. Alex has written a another novel available for purchase on Amazon entitled [easyazon-link asin=”1603814906″ locale=”us”]From Housewife to Cuckoldress: How I Took Sexual Control of a Marriage in Crisis[/easyazon-link].

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