Iniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love by Penelope Jones and Max

Publication Date: January 30, 2013


PJ_Iniquitou_SolaceIniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love is a story told through alternating poetry by two authors. They meet, they’re attracted to each other, they’re unsure of how far is too far. A rhyming love story.





I was given this book in advance of its release in exchange for a review.

I am not a poetry person. I do enjoy some poets of the Harlem Renaissance and have been known to throw down some Robert Frost, but generally, it’s a genre this reader wouldn’t gravitate toward in the bookstore. Iniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love has not changed that.

If you are generally a poetry reader or someone looking to experience erotic poetry, this is the work for you. The main players start out cautiously and there’s a palatable building of meaning within the storyline enacted in stanzas. At one point when Max is writing in a work called Women Don’t Ask, the author gives us a real sense of where the male character is coming from. By following that poem with Penelope, our hesitance the characters are balanced and feel as though they’re engaged in a real relationship. There is fetish content that some readers may find disturbing but if you read erotica generally, it will not bother you.

Written as prose, this story of stalking, attraction and eventually love that may or may not work out would have been confusing and probably have come off as pretentious. As poetry written in a straightforward manner, the relationship was relatable to the audience.

The biographies of the two authors, Penelope Jones and Max, certainly hint at a couple willing to try anything.Iniquitous Solace: Rhythmic Words of Lust and Love appears to be their second collaboration (the first is titled Very Dirty Stories #82. They revel in an idea of exhibitionism to a level not often aspired. With the current rise in erotica sales, they can only succeed in this market and with the idea of making themselves fantasies to the reader.

If you enjoy poetry, you will like this book. If you like erotica, you will like this book.

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Thank you Tammy for the great review of Iniquitous Solace. Sorry we didn’t change your mind about poetry, but thank you for reviewing it on it’s merit, and not on your personal preferences. You’re a true professional. We appreciate you!

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