Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) by Massimo Marino

Publication Date: September 3, 2012


Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) by Massimo MarinoIn Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) by Massimo Marino, everyone and everything is dead. Dan and his family search for others but appear to be the only survivors until they locate Laura. Laura is a woman with her own agenda, looking to survive. Will Dan make the hard choices he must for himself and his family?





Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) is a polarizing novel. I believe that though I neither loved Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) nor hated it; the ends of the spectrum will be the reality of other readers.Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy) is a reflective novel. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it is rife with symbolism. Marino sets a tone of an event that could really happen and is prefaced with real news stories. Could Dan have stopped the oncoming apocalypse if only he had given his attention to the world around him and not to the co-worker who was kissing tushie?

The writer seems to purposely make the story confusing at the start. Where some readers will become invested, some will get lost and put the book down. To really become one with this book, a reader has to invest themselves in the characters and their plight. I was able to do so at first, but after a while, I found myself reading and hoping for something new to happen.

It took incredible talent and planning to write this emotionally complex story. This is not someone who was bored and sat down at the computer and said, “I think I’ll write a book.” This is someone who went through a lot of work and a lot of trouble to craft a novel to make readers think and feel. The television show “Lost” and its pretenders have shown us that there is a huge market for this sort of speculative work and I believe that many of my fans will love Daimones (The Daimones Trilogy).

What would you do if one day you woke up to find that the world had ended?

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