Ishtar Anomaly by Natalie Gibson

Publication Date: May 6, 2012


NG_Ishtar_AnomalyCamilla is the kind of healer who removes abnormalities from people’s bodies. If you’re pregnant, she will instantly kill your offspring because her power cannot tell the difference between a wanted pregnancy and an abnormality. The problem with this is that Camilla really wants a baby of her own and the deep longing comes from having unwittingly killed all of the pregnancies her mother had after she was born. Nanae is a god-like healer who can block Camilla’s power and he’s very willing to do so because being with her 24 hours a day is exactly what he wants to do. Camilla is his soul mate. Israel, a D.J. seen in the first book of the series, gets Camilla pregnant but once the job is done he doesn’t want to go. He’s in love with both Camilla and Nanae. Will they have room for him in their lives and what about this brotherhood that’s trying to get Nanae’s blood—and even worse, what about the hunger beast that Nanae himself struggles to control. Will anyone come out of this alive?


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