Click: An Online Love Story (Click Series Book 1) by Lisa Becker

Publication Date: April 5, 2011


LB_Click_An_Online_Love_StoryRenee Greene, nearly 30 and despairing of ever finding a mate, dives into the world of online dating with hilarious results. Aided by her friends Shelley, Mark and Ashley she lives her life knowing that knight in shining armor might just be right around the corner.




Having done something similar in the mid-1990s (before online dating really hit), Ms. Becker’s tale is rather reflective of my own experience. No matter how well you filter, you do have those men who are out for one thing or looking for that person who will dress in a matching sweater and be the mirror image of the ones they love most — themselves. Copied on every e-mail and there for color commentary is Renee’s ever clever best friend, Shelley. Shelley is perhaps a bit too lucky in shallow encounters, but she has yet to hit the crisis point that Renee experiences.

Renee is a truly endearing character. I read [easyazon-link asin=”1482004992″ locale=”us”]Double Click[/easyazon-link], the second book in the series first, so I got to know Renee in reverse. She’s kind and generous and while I think the “I must be with someone by 30” panic is ridiculous, there is no arguing that in Renee’s case, it’s genuine. She’s a good Jewish girl. She wants a picket fence, children and love that a family will look to for generations for inspiration. Becker says to the reader, “This is your best friend. You have known her for years, and she’s been the nicest person in your life. You want her to find love” and we do! Her friends Shelley and Ashley, neither of whom would spend a moment with each other, both love Renee enough to recognize their place in her life. I spent half the novel wanting to smack Ashley but never once thought she wasn’t rooting for Renee.

This is the magic that Lisa Becker brings. We know the characters; we’ve had the experiences and we identify with her story. [easyazon-link asin=”1460922638″ locale=”us”]Click: An Online Love Story[/easyazon-link] is a story told in e-mail format and has to be one of the best examples of chick-lit out there. The novel is funny, heart-warming, real and full of great moments that bond you with these three-dimensional characters. Will Shelley ever settle down? Will Ashley ever break it off with Evan? Will Mark ever post his online profile? These are things we need to know as the characters live and breathe around us as we read about their foibles.

The plotline is very straightforward. Renee wants love. Will she find it? Read and find out!

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