Right Click (Click Series Book 3) by Lisa Becker

Publication Date: May 16, 2014



Renee, Ethan, Shelley, Mark, Cassidy and Ashley are back and better than ever. Renee and Ethan are a year from their wedding, Shelley has moved to Seattle, Ashley is busy with her infant daughter and Mark and Cassidy are living young love’s dream. Will life’s obstacles and distance keep these friends down or will email bond them forever? Right Click (Click Series Book Three) is the third novel in the Click series by Lisa Becker.


The author, Lisa Becker, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

Reading Right Click (Click Series Book Three) was a visit with old friends. I didn’t re-read the first two before reading this novel but once the story got going memories of the characters flooded back.

Once again the story is told is an e-mail stream between the players which can be difficult to keep straight at first but it doesn’t take long for each player to develop their own voice. Ashley is a bit uptight. She’s inner circle but the one the others are guarded within part because she is so far removed from where her friends are in the moment and she’s also a little “helpful” with the criticisms. She is not the person you ask if your butt looks big in that. Shelley is the oversexed ride-or-die friend who never misses the chance for a double entendre and beat down for her besties. Renee is an average girl with strong principles and she’s the glue of the friend circle. Ashley and Shelley would not hang out if not for her. They fight, they love and they struggle to keep what’s important at the forefront and isn’t that life?

The e-mail format of the novel makes this 369-page novel a quick read. I’ve never thought of myself as a voyeur before but found the look into the lives of the player through their e-mails efficient and while as a reader we’re one step removed from the action, I felt in no way cheated. Shelley in one scene must go to bat for a friend and lay down the law for someone who simply cannot let go and she does so succinctly and with believability. I would not have wanted to meet Shelley at that moment. Becker in Right Click (Click Series Book Three) gives us a sense of action and urgency through its conversational format. So we don’t see Siobhan paint the wall with the contents of her diaper, we hear about it in vivid detail.

In line with real life, not everything we see with these characters is flattering. Not everything is rational. There are editing issues but they read as purposeful. Who among us doesn’t suffer from the occasional typo and we all have that friend who defies every law of proper sentence structure and conventional grammar.

There are negatives, each character had a conflict that was hard to believe. Renee more than a few times has “stress” moments and her life in the novel was stressful but the way in which she snapped (not that she did) seemed out of character for the woman we now know in this third novel. Another character had strife based on a picture in a magazine which also seemed somewhat contrived. Balancing these moments are those completely in line with the people we know. Renee leaves her job due to issues of personal ethics, Shelley talks about sex, people argue. They are friends who have chosen each other as family and as such this final book in the Click series is a perfect ending. We see Renee keeping her friend’s close but turning more and more to Ethan, her beloved peanut butter cup lover with whom she will soon be bound in marriage. Becker in e-mail format delivers a complete story with endearingly wonderful characters.

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