Bloq by Alan Jones

Publication Date: April 1, 2016


BLOQ_coverBill Ingram’s daughter, Carol, moved to London from Glasgow to start her career as a journalist. When she goes missing, Bill will stop at nothing to find her. He finds that his little girl had problems that he couldn’t have imagined and her nightclub-owning Albanian ex-boyfriend looks like a likely suspect in her disappearance. Can he find Carol in time to save her?




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The Faithless by Allan Airish

Publication Date: July 25, 2012


The Faithless by Allan AirishIn The Faithless by Allan Airish, Jack Patton’s father dies he leaves his son, his most prized possession, the pen with which he signed his vote for President as a member of the Electoral College. Jack’s father always impressed upon him that it only takes 270 votes to win the presidency and knows that his father’s fondest wish would be for him to follow in his footsteps. It turns out that becoming a member of the Electoral College may be a more difficult task than he thought — and one he may not survive.


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Journey of Shadows (The Palâdnith Chronicles) by Sam J. Charlton

Date of Publication: February 8, 2013


SC_Journey_of_ShadowsThree young boys are all that remain of an ancient bloodline. Their mother protected them with enchanted amulets but now that they’re adults they must face what will come on their own.

  • Seth is on the run from dark forces.
  • Eni is framed for murder.
  • Val is sent on a doomed quest.

Can the brothers survive their journeys? [easyazon-link asin=”1482518961″ locale=”us”]Journey of Shadows[/easyazon-link] is Book One in the Paladnith Chronicles.

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