Spooky Reads for Halloween 2014

Rabid Reader’s Reviews presents a selection Spooky Reads for Halloween 2014



IA_BeholderBeholder by Ivan Amberlake

Genre: paranormal, new adult, serial fiction, mystery

Seemingly disconnected deaths and abductions around the world are connected with a symbol branded on them or in their living environment. Jason, an average New Yorker, has been having strange dreams of a beautiful woman warning him of a power lurking within him that is the only thing to stop coming evil. Will Jason embrace his power in time to stop the ultimate destruction? Read more about Beholder.

JB_All_The_Devils_CreaturesAll the Devil’s Creatures by J.D. Barnett

Genre: paranormal, thriller

A young girl is lynched and nailed to a tree in the bayou, and her body is staged so that the motive is clear. Her death was a result of the color of her skin. Is that really the reason or will her work with a withdrawn and troubled environmental lawyer turn out to play a bigger role? What did she find? Are there greater forces at work plotting the next death and the next? If you like legal thrillers with a touch of paranormal then check out the All the Devil’s Creatures review.


EB_Masters_of_TonightMaster for Tonight by Elaine Barris

Genre: paranormal, mary-sue, erotica

Vampire Julian Montfort spots Kate Collins when he’s out feeding one night. He becomes entranced with her, but his life is complicated with his obsessive maker, Evangeline. Julian who settles on the idea that one night will have to be enough is determined to make his night with Kate one to remember. When he realizes that one night will never be enough, how will Julian manage his complicated situation and will Kate want him when she knows the truth? Read the complete review of Master of Tonight.


JB_Black_Sacrament_1Black Sacrament (Part 1 Creatures of Fire Serial) by J.B. Brooklin

Genre: paranormal, serial fiction

This is the book I read and reviewed for Halloween 2012. Check out the review of Black Sacrament.


KB_SunspotsSunspots by Karen S. Bell

Genre: paranormal, romance

“Sunspots” is a very well-constructed book in professional presentation and character development. Aurora and Jake are very real characters. The point of view is first person and through Aurora’s eyes so we get the confusion, horror and wonder as she experiences them. We are with her when she discovers that perhaps she didn’t know all she should have about her husband. The story flows in a way that makes it easy to visualize for the reader, read more about Sunspots.


LB_After_Life_Lessons_01After Life Lessons by Laila Blake and L.C. Spoering

Genre: paranormal, zombies, survival, after life

Blake and Spoering have written a character study of the human experience in impossible times that just happens to feature zombies as an element of danger. How insignificant do the little tragedies of daily life seem in a world where you may not survive beyond the next day? Read a review of After Life Lessons.


BC_A_Darkness_ShatteredA Darkness Shattered by Bruce Clothier 

Genre: horror, fantasy

This book is about a young love blooming in terrible odds. We learn that in a post-apocalyptic society, zombies aren’t the only enemy. People become who they are because there’s simply no one left to stop them. This is a coming-of-age story and if you are look for a science fiction book or dramas about human nature read my review of A Darkness Shattered.


ThIC_The_Black_Soule Black Soul by I.C. Camilleri

Genre: paranormal, serial fiction, romance

“The Black Soul” is a paranormal romance. The vivid dreams that Josh has do indeed tell the future, and in some cases those dreams are downright dark and devastating. He can plan for the events, but he can’t seem to stop them. The inevitability of fate has to make everything Josh faces harder, and Camilleri plays the feeling of helplessness in the hands of fate well. If you like romance with paranormal elements check out The Black Soul review.


CD_A_Door_UnlockedA Door Unlocked by Calvin Dean

Genre: paranormal, thriller, after death

There are many great first lines in the history of literature and in future when people compile those lists they will include the first line of  “A Door Unlocked” by Calvin Dean. “Bobby Ray’s attitude burned as hot as a Mississippi summer.” What this first line tells a reader is that Bobby Ray is the driving force of the novel and he is extremely bad news. Continue with read the A Door Unlocked review.


CD_WindfallWindfall by Colin Dodds

Genre: paranormal, history

Seth’s voice within the story is raw. The thing within him rages and controls. There is deep symbolic meaning within the story that I am not sure is meant as a warning or to provide a deeper understanding of the nature of humanity. Dark forces seek Civil War and there rages within Seth a private civil war between this foreign invader and his consciousness. Will the concept of war serving only in one’s own self-interest appeal to this character? Continue reading the Windfall review.


NG_Ishtar_RisingIshtar Rising by Natalie Gibson

Genre: erotica, paranormal, fantasy, serial fiction

Tara’s choices once home, aren’t the most constructive and she finds herself running from her boyfriend and the men to whom he’s “given his property”. High on a cocktail of drugs, when the tree she sees as her safety net comes alive, she thinks it’s all a side effect until he’s still there the next day. In the distance, an evil lurks. Read more about Ishtar Rising in my review.


RG_Sun_Bleached_WinterSun Bleached Winter by D. Robert Grixti

Genre: horror, science fiction, Dystopian Society

Lionel and Claire Morton are running from Cannibalistic Marauders and struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world when they hear a radio broadcast about a city of hope. Claire is injured and death is upon them so with nothing to lose they look for the city that they hope will save them.

Sun Bleached Winter is a short novel, only 116 pages, but it carries a big impact.


JH_Plague_DreamsA Plague of Dreams by John Gregory Hancock

Genre: horror, paranormal, fantasy, ghosts

This book is a collection of ten short stories that vary widely in style and genre. One story is an online R.P.G. that turns very real, another story has a dragon living a number of lives in a few pages, a further story features a space traveler talking to a higher power, and yet another story is a chilling tale of a killing in a time when education is illegal. Check out the review of A Plague of Dreams.


PawnbroJH_Pawnbrokerker by Jerry Hatchett

Genre: paranormal, thriller, southern fiction

There’s a heavy feeling of camp in “Pawnbroker” by Jerry Hatchett. It’s well-played stereotypes in an extraordinary situation. There’s a fitting desperation to the rapid-fire pacing and the sense that the author intended a visual action movie kind of read. For further reading check out the review Pawnbroker.


GH_American_GodessesAmerican Goddesses by Gary Henry

Genre: paranormal, serial fiction, fantasy

To be fair, if an author was writing a book specifically tailored for me I don’t think they could have done a better job. Superheroes – Check. Good, meaty, storyline – Check. An author who isn’t afraid to make readers cringe – Check. True baddie with clear motivations and sympathetic background – Check. Storyline surprises left and right – Check. Read the rest of the American Goddesses review to find out more.


MH_CuffedCuffed by Marc Horn

Genre: thriller

Marc Horn scares me. His talent for writing beautifully brilliant characters that are truly disturbed is terrifying. Razors may be the best example of his work yet. Razors is a character in a responsible position with irresponsible motivations. His superiors are willing to turn a blind eye for results but only to an extent and their boy gets results but he’s getting increasingly unpredictable. Do you need more details? Then read the Cuffed review.


NH_I_of_The_Storm_Death_WatchingI of the Storm: Death is Watching by Neesha Hosein

Genre: paranormal, fantasy, female leads, second sight

There was a season in the television show “Ghost Whisperer” when the show’s writers employed a brilliantly intense storyline in which this nebulous dark force was stealing spirits. The main character didn’t know where they were or what happened to them but there was knowledge of evil. I felt the same way reading I of the Storm: Death is Watching as I did watching that season. Read more about I of the Storm.



Afraid by Jack Kilborn

Genre: thriller

A plane crashes and unleashes terror and a chilling string of events. Kilborn captures his readers with a truly horrifyingstorylinee that will keep you up at night.

If you are looking for a truly frightening story check out my review of Afraid.


JL_CrogianCrogian by John Leahy

Genre: horror

If I were to nominate a novel for a first line that best sets the tone for the rest of the book, Crogian’s first line would be top of the list:

On the morning that he sealed the fates of millions of people, Ernie Fowler woke up hung-over, as usual.

I have a beef with this novel and it’s going to be a bit of a spoiler…giant bugs. For this reader, an author can choose no greater horror for the future than huge insects in Crogian by the Irish author John Leahy.


BL_FrostwalkerFrostwalker by Brandon Luffman

Genre: horror, paranormal, zombies

In the age of “Twilight”, stories featuring paranormal beings get a bad rap. People browse the Amazon shelves and see a novel described as a zombie story and groan heavily. “Not again,” they say, “no more paranormal creatures.” I can tell you readers, this novel is like no other paranormal novel you have ever read. For its faults, Luffman’s story is wildly original. There are horror and lore aspects reminiscent of the work of Stephen King without King’s legendary inability to self-edit. This is the story you tell around the bonfire when you live in a wooded area. Chilling horror that thrills with a sense of danger. Check out the Frostwalker review.


RM_The_Deadliners_01The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst

Genre: paranormal, after life, after death

Before a spirit is sent to Earth, it decides if after that life is done, it will help people who have reached their “Deadline” pass to the other side. They may bargain for extra time for those they wish to help, and for their loved ones. Anna has been keeping her mother alive by bargaining with another Deadliner to keep his wife alive. Another Deadliner bargains for a rich man to have more time so that he can give his money to a cause that will do some good. When the Deadliners start to go off-script and doing what their human emotions tell them they should instead of following their directive, things go wrong. If you like the concept of such a story continue reading The Deadliners review.


PM_The_Lokkr_Chronicles_01The Lokkr Chronicles: Volume 1 Planet Storm by Paul J. Middleton

Genre: horror, suspense, serial fiction

A dark and dangerous work in which no one plays by the rules of fairness or right. It’s a sense of pure evil seeking to get what it wants and do whatever must be done to get it. The opening scene, which introduces this new world of magic to us, is a very dark and dangerous feeling. The demon appeals to Lokkr’s greed and sense of desperation to get what he wants but it’s a true battle of good vs. evil and good may not win the battle, but it will win the war…we hope. For further reading check out The Lokkr Chronicles review.


JM_Geddys_MoonGeddy’s Moon by John Mulhall

Genre: horror

Mulhall masters rhythm and flow in his story line. He seems to have that instinctively right time down to pull his creative punches. Unexpected twists hit at just the right time to hold the reader’s attention. The only point where things felt that they happened too quickly was at the end. Never does the story drag. Check out the Geddy’s Moon review.


SM_Zombies_of_ByzantiumZombies of Byzantium by Sean Munger

Genre: horror, zombies, historical, serial fiction

I knew upon reading the description of Zombies of Byzantium that it was a very good idea and if done right it might become one of my favorite novels. What Sean Munger manages to do in 268 pages is to get this idea very right. The plotting and pacing were extremely well thought out. Munger engages us with his charcters from the start. Read the Zombie of Byzantium review here.


AN_Date_Dead_GuysHow to Date Dead Guys by Ann Noser

Genre: paranormal, witchcraft

Noser’s story line is fresh and unique. The way she wraps the story is nothing short of amazing. Noser makes clear to the audience when Emma embarks on her witchcraft experiment that the desire to act is born from the depths of despair, and that Emma doesn’t know what will happen so we’ll just find out along with her. Each back from the water character grows her knowledge and her confidence in her powers. Read more about How to Date Dead Guys.


RP_Death_TrainDeath Train: Ticket to Ride by Randal Ray Peterson

Genre: horror, fantasy, paranormal, ghosts

Kurt and Jesse are hiding from a bully in the basement of a funeral home when they discover a miniature replica of their town and a train full of ghosts. They watch as a man is led from his home to the train and it all seems a bad dream until they discover the next morning that the man has died. They have a big problem, the damaged the train in their haste to get away and what was once contained in the little town is now reeking havoc in Comanche County. Can they stop it before its too late? For further details read the Death Train review.


MR_VerliegeVerliege by Micheal Rivers

Genre: paranormal, ghosts, ghost hunters

Verliege is a perfect October read. It’s complex and haunting calling forth the kind of psychological horror seen in such classic horror films as “The Uninvited” starring Ray Milland. Adrian tells Dr. Pellitier a story of extreme haunting from the moment he and his wife stepped into their new home. The ghosts have a plan in which the happy couple do not play a role. Will the ghosts win? Find out more about Verliege in my review.


JS_Innocence_LostInnocence Lost by J.D. Selmser

Genre: paranormal, romance, souls

This is an esoteric piece about unknown evils that can destroy and claim lives and appears to advocate the idea of love in the trenches. Love as the greatest battle. Continue reading the review of Innocence Lost.


ST_Deep_Into_The_Game_01Gologotha and the Game Land: Episode 1 Deep Into the Game by Saul Tanpepper

Genre: horror, fantasy

This is a futuristic story in which New York City has been cordoned off as an infected zone. A group of teenagers plot to break into the zone…but just the outer shell. They seem to have no real intention to breaking into the area where the Zombies probably are (they must all be dead by now, right?). Will the teens be able to break into Gameland and, if they do, will they come out alive? This is an extremely well-written horror story. Read a review of Gameland.


DT_How_To_Be_DeadHow To Be Dead by Dave Turner

Genre: fantasy, humor

A wonderful novella for those looking for a short and humorous read. Escape with and to the lighter side of Death a.k.a. Steve in a paranormal/fantasy world with Dave Turner.

Read about Death and his adventures here.


AV_BlackjackBlackjack: Cross Novel by Andrew Vachss

Genre: paranormal, thriller, serial fiction

Something is killing people who poach (whether animals or humans) and has been for years. A task force sets out to find this unknown force and hires Cross, a mercenary who is a bit of an urban legend onto himself, and his crew to find the mystery unknown. Can Cross succeed where others have failed? Read the review of Blackjack and find out more.


DW_The_Ghost_Locket_01The Ghost Locket by D. Allen Wright

Genre: horror, paranormal, ghosts

Kit is a 14-year-old art prodigy lost in an inner city wasteland. Julia is a mother who lost her husband and child. Fate or desperation bring the two together at a critical moment when Kit has a bad guy gunning for her. Can they both come out alive?

For more information read The Ghost Locket review.

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